Q: What is the size of an Instant Cocktail Cube?

A: Each Instant Cocktail Cube is the size of a standard sugar cube. That is, approximately 0.5 inches squared, containing approximately 1 teaspoon (4 grams) of sugar. Don't let the small size fool you though - we infuse each cube with only the best bitters, extracts, and natural ingredients that pack a ton of flavor without making your cocktail overly sweet.

Q: How do I use your Instant Cocktail Cubes?

A: You will take 1-2 cubes, place them in a glass with a splash of warm water (just a small splash), and muddle the sugar cubes until completely dissolved. Then you will add your alcohol of choice (1-2 shots), mix (with or without ice) and pour into a glass for drinking. If you want to add club soda, tonic, water, etc. - go for it! Some cocktails are best without mixers (i.e., Old Fashioned), while others are better with mixers (i.e., Moscow Mule). And don't worry if you forget - the instructions are always included on the packaging, including what alcohol we recommend you using.

Q: What is your favorite dinosaur?

A: Pachycephalosaurus, thank you for asking! 

Q: What an excellent idea you have! You should go on Shark Tank!

A: Thank you! But, that's a great big NO to Shark Tank. No offense to those guys/gals, they seem like terrific people and all... they would just eat us alive and a work/life balance is most important to us. We like having and maintaining a small business model that ensures quality over quantity, and individualized customer service. When you are buying from us, you are buying from me - Jessica Stephens - owner, operator, wife, mother, and community volunteer. 

Q: How long do your Instant Cocktail Cubes last? What's the shelf life?

A: Here's where my background in chemistry comes into play, and I could talk for hours about this! But, I'll spare you the boring stuff, and tell you that our Instant Cocktail Cubes have a shelf life of AT LEAST 18 months, if they are kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. We do quality testing every few months with a water activity meter to ensure that there is not enough moisture present for mold growth. Every new flavor goes through a vigorous testing process, which takes months to a year from the time a new flavor is conceived to the time a new flavor is available for purchase.

Q: When is your next sale? Do you have a coupon code?

A: Honestly, we hardly ever have sales. We firmly believe in pricing goods at the price that they are worth. We will never artificially inflate the price of our product just to offer a coupon code to make you feel you are getting a deal. Deals are really rare with us, and are usually only available when we are looking to clear out inventory or discontinue a flavor that isn't selling well. 

Q: Which flavor is your favorite?

A: Hands down, Winter Old Fashioned. I prefer whiskey and bourbon drinks, and the flavors of the Winter Old Fashioned is the best scent/flavor I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. However, it gets a little awkward drinking one in the middle of summer. 

Q: I want to buy in bulk. Do you do orders for bridal showers, wedding showers, groomsmen gifts, coorporate gifts? Or do you sell wholesale so that I can carry your product in my store?

A: YES! We would love to be a part of your special day. Send us an email and we can get started. We usually have a quick turnaround time. If you're interested in wholesale, also send us an email. We'd love to hear from you. I might be a little biased, but we're pretty fun people to work with. 


Q: You didn't answer my question. How can I get you to answer my question?

A: Send me an email! I'll get back to you ASAP. Don't worry - we don't have to become best friends, and I won't spam you with marketing emails - I'll just answer your question. (Although, I am accepting applications for friends... what's your favorite dinosaur?)