Meliora Forever Instant Cocktails

Instant Cocktail Cubes: Dissolve 1-2 cubes in a splash of water & add alcohol

Artisan Cocktails in Minutes

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"Meliora" is Latin for the pursuit of betterment, and is our motto here at Meliora Forever LLC. It is our philosophy in work, life, and relationships. We can always learn better, do better, and be better.

"Always Better, Forever"

Meet the Maker

Hello! I'm Jessica Stephens and I live in Amherst, New York, just outside of Buffalo. Meliora Forever LLC was created during the COVID pandemic. It started as a hobby & quickly turned into a full time job. My top pritorities in all of my creations are safety, quality, & customer service. Meliora Forever is expanding quickly and I am committed to keeping up with demand while never having to compromise quality.