Winter Sale

Winter Sale

Happy Holidays, Good-bye 2023, and Hello to 2024!

As we kick off the new year, we are busy planning our in-person shows, updating our website, re-formulating existing flavors, and adding new flavors to our offerings. All this to say: Big things coming in 2024! 

As part of our house-cleaning operations, we are holding a Winter Sale, offering 40% off select items, only while supplies last. If you've been following us since our launch, you'll know that 40% off is unheard of around here! We aren't big on coupons, coupon codes, sales, and other gimmicks to get sales - but this time we need to move some flavors aside to get room for new flavors. So jump on this sale while it lasts! 

We hope to see you soon as our 2024 Event Season kicks off - check our Upcoming Shows tab to find out where you can see us next. Until then, drink responsibly and Cheers to You in 2024!


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